Happiness Club : - About Us

Good health and Happiness are cherished desires of everyone and we keep working on ways to keep us healthy and happy. However in this fast paced world often we land up in situation which deprives us of happiness. Anxiety, Stress and inequality are some of the major causes for loss of Happiness and good health. The Happiness Club is an initiative to create a global network of people celebrating life - sharing and spreading happiness willing to work on promoting greater equity in Society ( economic, gender , energy etc.).

Members of HAPPINESS CLUB would share a common network for exchange of ideas and mutual support to celebrate life. The membership of Happiness Club is free of cost . However there may be nominal charge for consultations and participation in Society For Happiness events by desirous members. The organisation shall also accept voluntary contribution of interested persons to support the cause of greater harmony, health and happiness in a liveable world , and actual cost sharing of participants in any event.

Happiness Club activities would include:

  • To organise periodic meetings and Talk shows for benefit of its members and invitees on issues of Health ,Happiness, women empowerment, education and other relevant issues.
  • To organise Workshops, Seminars, Road shows and Conference for greater good of society on topics such as, healthy food habits, Stress Management, Work -life balance, gender equity, emotional healing, conflict management, retirement planning, aging gracefully, and other health issues including yoga and alternative healing therapies.
  • To create an e-network and meet up groups for sharing of articles ,case studies and other relevant information and data to promote good health and happiness.

  • On line help and counselling for emotional problems ,conflict resolution,stress management etc.
  • Market  / Advertise Health and happiness Resorts ,and Happiness products ( Ayurveda/Accupressure/Alternative Therapies/Yantra)
  • Kundali / Jyotish Vigyan counselling
  • Healthy Baby Show and Awards
  • Sr.Citizen corner / counselling