Happiness cannot described in one line

We are all in the quest of happiness. It is strange and surprising that in the same or similar situations different people response may vary and some are happier than the others. A research at the University of Minnnesota, USA found that roughly 50% of the difference in happiness from individuals to another is genetically decided. So we can goes through hills and valleys in life. But his or her overall response and general attitude depends on the “happiness set point”. Having said that, I would like to add that the “happiness set point” is the base line and still there is much scope to improve upon the base line and be happy irrespective of the factual conditions. The field of positive physiology (the study of happiness) has found that people who tend to be happier perceive all events more positively and are optimistic than unhappy people. Research in these fields has found four key areas where international change can bring about benefits of happiness. These are:


  1. Family
  2. Community
  3. Work
  4. Faith

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